The second and third days of the BOB 2018 conference will have poster sessions in the afternoon. The same posters will be displayed on both the days. Poster presentations were chosen from the submitted abstracts. Posters may be printed in the 2x3 ft or 3x4 ft size. We will arrange for posters to be printed in Bangalore if you submit the electronic files two weeks before the symposium.

The poster session currently has the following registrations:

Aishwarya B. Hebbale: Developmental biology of Idea malabarica Moore on a woody climber Parsonsia alboflavescens
Amod Zambre: Brain size as an evolutionary driver of complex visual signals in butterflies
Anshuman Swain: The tale of two pairs: functional convergence for thermoregulation in Polyommatus butterflies
Deepak Naik: Patterns of butterfly diversity, richness and abundance in association with heterogenous habitats
Elena Pazhenkova: Nuclear genes (but not mitochondrial DNA barcodes) reveal real species: evidence from the Brenthis fritillary butterflies (Lepidoptera, Nymphalidae)
Jens Roland: Demographic fluctuations lead to rapid and cyclic shifts in genetic structure among populations of an alpine butterfly, (Parnassius smintheus)
Karin Nasvall: Comparative genomics and lineage specific adaptations in Lepidoptera
Kwi Shan Seah: Development of biophotonic nanostructures in brush-footed butterfly wing scales
Laurence Després: Inferring the biogeography and demographic history of an endangered butterfly in Europe, Coenonympha oedippus, from multilocus markers
Manashi Goswami: Inventory of butterfly fauna and distribution in Karbi Anglong District, Assam, India
Michel Arnaud Kenfak Dongmo: Seasonal polyphenism in Bicyclus dorothea across different habitats in Cameroon
Nitin R.: Evolution of larval host plant use by butterflies of the Western Ghats (runner-up, Best Student Poster)
Ombeline Sculfort: Evolution of wing colour at macroevolutionary scale in Müllerian mimicry butterflies (Best Student Poster)
Shen-horn Yen: Convergence between the "metallic blue" Euploea species obscures the clarification of the model-mimic relationship
Tatsuro Konagaya: Effect of mating on survival of diapause females at low temperature in the Japanese common grass yellow
Tirtha Das Banerjee: Differential expression of engrailed paralogs elucidates gene duplication events in butterflies