The following awards will be given out and services recognized during the banquet of the Biology of Butterflies 2018 Bangalore conference:

Best Student Talk
Rachel Thayer: Genetic basis and evolutionary context for structural color shift in the Buckeye butterfly
Kruttika Phalnikar: Butterfly male killers: Intracellular bacterium induces female biased sex ratio in a butterfly

Best Student Poster
Ombeline Sculfort: Evolution of wing colour at macroevolutionary scale in Müllerian mimicry butterflies
Nitin R.: Evolution of larval host plant use by butterflies of the Western Ghats

Winner(s) of the BoB logo competition
Antónia Monteiro

Student volunteers for the BoB 2018
Dipendra Nath Basu, NCBS
Riddhi Deshmukh, NCBS
Bhavya Dharmaraaj, NCBS
Nitin R., NCBS
Vaishali Bhaumik, NCBS
Harshad Mayekar, IISER Thiruvananthapuram
Birupaksha Banerjee, IISER Thiruvananthapuram