There are two types of accommodation arranged for the BoB 2018: affordable NCBS guest house accommodation and 3-star hotel rooms reserved largely for students and post-docs, and a selection of 5-Star hotels closer to downtown. There will be a daily shuttle between the conference hotels and the conference venue, which will be fast coming towards NCBS in the morning, but slow going towards the town in the evening. The room rates below are exclusive of 28% taxes (except no separate taxes for NCBS Guest House). Free breakfast and wi-fi are included.

Hotel No. of rooms Single occupancy Double occupancy Distance from NCBS
Shangri-la (5-star) 50 Rs. 9,500 Rs. 10,500 11.9km
ITC Windsor (5-star) 50 Rs. 8,500 Rs. 10,300 13.5km
Le Meridien (5-star) 50 Rs. 7,700 Rs. 8,800 12.7km
Taj West End (5-star) 50 Rs. 11,000 Rs. 12,000 12.8km
JP Cosmos (3-star) 50 Rs. 5,000 Rs. 5,000 12.4km
Attide (3-star) 25 Rs. 6,000 Rs. 7,000 5km
LIWA Hotel 25 Rs. 3,500 Rs. 4,500 3km
NCBS Guest House 30 Rs. 1,500 Rs. 1,500 4km

Rooms can be reserved online for the hotels through an external website, but NCBS Guest House is available for on-site payment only. Students and post-docs can mention their preference for NCBS Guest House during online registration. Confirmations will be sent once your abstract is accepted. You can also reserve an NCBS guest house room by email after you have registered with payment. All NCBS guest house rooms are on a shared basis. If you do not already mention a preference for your room mate, then we will match potential room mates based on your academic position and gender.