Abstract submission for the 2018 conference is integrated in the conference registration form. You will be guided through the registration form where the abstract may be submitted along with relevant details. Before you start the online registration process, have your abstract (word limit 200), title and author list ready. You will have the opportunity to mark a preference for an oral or poster presentation (see below), and also a symposium. If you cannot or do not want to submit an abstract during the time of registration, you can submit the abstract later by email. The deadline for submission of abstracts is 20 May 2018.

All abstracts, including those invited for the symposia, will be reviewed by the Scientific Committee and assigned to either symposia (oral presentations) or poster sessions (posters and electronic audio-visual presentations on large computer screens). Selection of the abstracts and their assignment to specific symposia and poster sessions will be based purely on scientific merit as judged by the Scientific Committee. We will try to accommodate your preference of symposium or poster presentation, and specific symposium, but the Scientific Committee may decide to include your presentation in another session or symposium based on other abstracts submitted for the conference.

Please note that the assignment of talks and posters to suitable symposia and poster sessions will be at the sole discretion of the symposium organisers and the Scientific Committee. Although we will entertain reasonable requests for reassignment, it is unlikely that we will be able to accommodate all requests for reassignment. In any instance, the decision of the Scientific Committee will be final. The Scientific Committee and the organisers reserve the right to reject abstracts and registrations.