The following field trips have been planned in conjunction with the Biology of Butterflies 2018 Bangalore conference:

PRE-CONFERENCE FIELD TRIP TO MAKALIDURGA (10 June 2018): A good opportunity to catch up with old friends and colleagues and interact with local butterfly watchers and experts while observing some endemic butterflies in a beautiful hilly scrub forest. We will leave early in the morning for this field trip and return by early afternoon, well in time for a late lunch and the evening pre-conference social. The field trip fee is € 40 / $ 50 / ₹ 3,000, which includes local transportation, packaged meal and bottled water. It can be paid during registration.

POST-CONFERENCE FIELD TRIPS (16-18 June 2018, three days and two nights): These field trips should be especially attractive for family vacations. Payments can be made separately (details will follow). These are independently offered trips by outside companies, the BOB organisers and host institutions are not responsible for them. You can choose between three field trip options:
1. Mysore-Kabini River Lodge: Spend two days visiting temples and palaces in the historic, beautiful little town of Mysore, and one day at the Kabini River Lodge, where you have a chance at encountering wild elephants, gaurs, leopards, tigers and Asiatic wild dogs, among other fascinating mammals and birds in the Nagarhole National Park.
2. Hampi-Daroji Wildlife Sanctuary: Visit Hampi, a UNESCO World Heritage Site of the poignant ruins of the historial Vijayanagara Empire, along with Daroji Wildlife Sanctuary, home of the sloth bear, saw-scaled viper, and a fascinating diversity of endemic and charismatic birds such as the Indian peafowl and yellow-throated bulbul.
3. Karwar-Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary: Visit the temples, forts and other historic sites along a charming coastline of northern Karnataka, and look for hornbills, trogons, flycatchers, birdwings, tree nymphs, atlas moth and other rich bird and Lepidoptera fauna in the evergreen forests of the Western Ghats. This may also be an excellent opportunity to see an incredible endemic amphibian fauna of the Western Ghats.

POST-CONFERENCE TRAINING WORKSHOP (19-21 June 2018, three days and two nights): A training workshop for students and young professionals, plus a butterfly-watching trip to the famed evergreen forests of the Western Ghats, a globally recognized biodiversity hotspot. Details to follow shortly.